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An Orchestra At Your Fingertips!


If You Can Speak, You Can Sing!



The Language of Music!

Piano is for good reason the most popular instrument to learn, for its technical and expressive capabilities are limitless.  Most importantly, even a beginner piano student without years of practice can soon learn to play beautiful music written by great composers.


So whether you are beginning your musical studies or returning to them in later years, learning to play the piano is an immensely rewarding activity that you will benefit from for the rest of your life.

Anyone who can speak possesses a voice they can develop into a beautiful and expressive instrument.


Studying voice is beneficial to any musician because it is the best way to develop one’s musical ear and to gain confidence as a performer.  So whether your goal is to sing on the opera stage, in a choir or in the shower, it is only through taking voice lessons that you will develop the beautiful instrument that is already in you, waiting to be played.


Harmony, counterpoint and musical analysis can be very challenging but also very exciting to study, since they provide an understanding of how music is created and why a great masterpiece sounds the way it does.

Those who want to explore their own creativity can learn the craft of music composition and strive to create their own masterpieces.


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