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Gavan teaches piano, voice and music theory to a number of adult students.  Many took lessons as a child and wish to resume, while others are exploring a new-found passion, perhaps during retirement or as a retreat from a stressful and busy work-life.  Whatever the incentive may be, it is never too late to start, and it is indeed sad to think that some people go through their entire life never having experienced the incomparable joy of playing a musical instrument.


While they may not be pursuing careers in music, Gavan’s adult students are no less dedicated or involved than their younger counterparts.  Several are members of the Ottawa Piano Group, who perform regularly at musical gatherings, while others take part in ORMTA’s adult music workshops and masterclasses.  A few brave individuals even prepare for RCM examinations!


Gavan also hosts a musical get-together at his home each year to provide an opportunity for his adult students to share music and ideas with one another in a convivial setting.

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